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Backflow Annual Testing

Did you know that the reason our water in Australia is so clean is because all Licensed Plumbers have a duty to make sure the contaminated or waste water does not backflow and mix into our fresh drinking water? The Water Corporation require all Testable Backflow Prevention Devices that are fitted at the boundary connection (near your main water meter) must be tested by a Licensed Backflow Plumber every 12 months. Ballantyne Plumbing, Gas and Electrical has competent Licensed Backflow Plumbers that professionally conduct the annual test, and will report directly to the Water Corporation advising that the test has been conducted, and if the RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) devices and/or Testable Double Check Valves (DCV) has passed or failed the annual test.

We can offer you a no obligation free quote for the Scheduled Servicing and preventative maintenance program of all your onsite Backflow Prevention Devices. Give us a call, send an email, or Request a Job or Quote. We are happy to be of service to you.


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