Ballantyne All Commercial Plumbing Services has been operating since 1980, during which time we have grown from just 3 techs in Mandurah to a Perth and Mandurah wide organisation with over 30 technicians.. Since then, since then we have been servicing clients in domestic, commercial, construction and industrial industries, even offering complete on-site solutions, with a specialisation in large facilities from high rise office buildings to major sporting facilities.

Nowadays Ballantynes specialises in commercial plumbing – often more complex and sophisticated, and usually mission critical repairs. Ballantynes is proud to be the team that you can call out to design, maintain or salvage the toughest set-ups and get results the first time.

Commercial plumbing is often a multifaceted area with water, waste-water, sewage, pumps and temperature control aspects. To solve these interlinked problems a team with deep experience and good training is required.

Experienced, reliable and qualified – Ballantyne is the best choice for your commercial plumbing services. There’s a reason why we’re one of the most trusted WA names in the plumbing industry.

Ballantyne All Commercial Plumbing Services Medium & High-Rise Building


Ballantyne All Commercial plumbing Services specialises in Medium and High-Rise Building Plumbing & Pumping. Previously, this has included successfully completing jobs within:

  • Multi-story buildings have complex plumbing and as such require experienced and reliable plumbers to ensure maintenance problems are responded to timeously and resolved first time around.. Having trouble with hot water to different bathrooms or floors, or trouble with water pressure, or even water usage – call the experts at Ballantynes.
  • Schools: With many of our school clients having over 1000 students on site, the demands on plumbing can be high – and the need to resolve issues quickly and safely are paramount.
  • Office Towers: In commercial projects such as office towers, it is vital that plumbing problems be resolved by plumbers with qualification and experience. Imagine that you, like one of our many clients, was faced with a burst pipe damaging offices and computer systems. You need a call-out that stabilises the situation quickly competently and quietly – you need Ballantynes.
  • Strata Management: Plumbing can malfunction in strata situations, with common issues involving blocked drains, water seeping through tiles and leaks causing damage to other units.
  • Sporting & Community Facilities: The Perth State Theatre is central to Perth’s culture – which is why we especially took care with our work on the polished brass sewerage lids in the foyer, alongside the pumping of their sewerage pits and the servicing and reinstallation of their pumps.
  • Airports: Perth Airport is used by over 35 000 people a day – which means a lot of people are affected by a plumbing problem. At 5:30am one morning, we received an emergency call out. When we attended, we discovered that their plumbing system had not been maintained, leading to critical problems, which we were able to remedy. Due to our accurate and knowledgeable team, no interruptions to service occurred.

Water storage and treatment

Got a situation where water must be treated – we have installed plants for Toll, manage plants for BGIS and many other customers.

Sewage management

From pumping stations to tanks – we have seen it all. Call us if you are battling with a system, need something fixed, or have tried everyone else and cannot get your system to work.

Grey water systems

With the focus on better environmental impact, grey water systems are commonplace. We are experts – call us if you are battling with a system, need something fixed, or have tried everyone else and cannot get your system to work.

Industrial plants and hazardous plumbing

Got a situation where high corrosion is a problem, toxic chemicals – then you need the job done right.

Blockage resolution

Of course we can find and fix the problem – with high tech cameras and skilled operators call Ballantynes

Backflow testing

We provide fully certified plumbers who can perform this along with their routine work.

Hidden water leaks

This can be a major liability and challenge. We can solve it for you.

Roofing and Water ingress

How many times have you had the repair – call us for the last time.


Ballantyne All Commercial Mechanical Plumbing Solutions

Ballantyne All Commercial plumbing Services provides solutions for the mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation of your commercial buildings. Our specialist technicians can install and maintain a range of climate control systems and devices, including:

  • Air conditioning systems can run into a number of plumbing problems – but none that our knowledgeable team won’t be able to resolve.
  • Commercial chillers and cool rooms: Whether it’s leaking, not cooling efficiently or otherwise malfunctioning, we would be happy to help.
  • Water transfer and pressure pumps: The transfer of water isn’t always easy; however, our knowledgeable and reliable team would be able to resolve the issue.
  • Whether your sewage maintenance requires pumping stations or tanks, we can fix it.
  • Storm water control is a major feature of many building designs. This is often a complex set-up with pumps, tanks and run-offs all located in a small system. Ballantynes are experts with Storm Water Systems.


  • Controllers: Automation is key in the modern world, however, increasing technology use may also increase risk. We understand the technology behind controllers and can smoothly resolve and rewire if necessary.
  • As part of pump units, valves and manifolds are key to performance. In any pump maintenance Ballantynes can manage these components. The pump and all accessories fall into our areas of expertise.
  • Stormwater pump stations can be installed and maintained with our knowledgeable team.
  • Groundwater maintenance and control is achievable with Ballantyne Plumbing.
  • Grey and rain water treatment and reuse station. Grey-water problems are commonplace due to the increased interest in sustainability, but if you encounter a problem or require help with your system, Ballantyne Plumbing will be able to help.


Commercial Plumbing Services

Ballantyne is able to assist you with a wide range of plumbing and gas jobs, including:

  • Locating and fixing water leaks. Finding hidden water leaks can be especially difficult, but we will be able to assist.
  • Identifying and preventing water ingress in roofs, windows and gutter systems. This is often a reoccurring problem, but we can solve it for you.
  • Locating, cleaning and flushing blocked drains. When it comes to blockage resolution, Ballantyne can help. We have high tech cameras and skilled operators for that very reason.
  • Replacing and installing hot water units (including the small Zip units that fit under your sinks). A hot water unit doesn’t have to be faulty for it to be replaced – it may simply be outdated and not as energy-efficient as current units on the market. We can advise you on different unit types and sizes, and should you decide to go solar, we can assist you with that as well.
  • Resolving pressure and flow rate issues – in multi-story buildings pressure and flow rate can become major problems.  If you need a cost effective and efficient solution call Ballantynes to quickly and accurately suggest a solution for you.
  • Grease Traps are key in the wastewater treatment, but as with all other products, they require maintenance to be effective


  • Servicing and preparing gas heaters for winter. With the changing of the seasons, it’s important to check and service your appliances. For summer, you check your air-conditioner unit. For winter, it’s important to prepare your gas heater and should there be any problem, resolve it.
  • Commercial Hot Water. For all your commercial hot water needs, you can rely on Ballantyne Plumbing to bring professional service when we install or repair your hot water systems. Need circulator systems? Trouble getting hot water quickly at distant locations – let ballantynes resolve the pump and temperature issues.
  • Commercial Property Maintenance. Ballantyne All Commercial Services pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service when it comes to all projects, with commercial property maintenance included.
  • Strata & Property Management can be difficult to navigate when it comes to plumbing, but Ballantyne Plumbing has experience with Strata and Property Management, and we can help service your properties.


Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is key in ensuring the longevity of your products – but it is also the best way to reduce the risks of encountering plumbing problems in the future. With regular check-ups, faulty equipment can be fixed before the problem exacerbates. Ballantyne offer reliable and efficient commercial plumbing solutions in Perth 24/7


Reliable & Experienced Commercial Plumber Perth

For all your plumbing, electrical and gas needs, Ballantyne All Commercial Services Perth are here to help. Our service technicians are knowledgeable, efficient and committed to resolving the problem with as minimum downtime as possible. Since our establishment in 1980, we have been offering a reliable and cost-effective service that can be accessed 24/7 – because emergencies can happen at any time.

Alongside our ongoing commitment to safety, training and development within our business – we are committed to providing high-quality trade skills that will meet your high expectations. If you are searching for an expert in the field, Ballantyne All Commercial Services Perth is an ideal choice. We look forward to meeting the needs of your next project.

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