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Water Waste Management Perth


Being one of the most isolated cities in the world, Perth’s drying climate is provoking innovative thought to establish a sustainable water supply to keep the state running. One of the leading options is water waste management. Simply put, it’s taking used or unusable water and recycling it so it can be utilised again.

As Perth’s population continues to increase, it’s essential that as much is done to recycle, reuse and dispose of our existing water properly. Not only do Perth’s wastewater treatment plants supply recycled water, they also produce biosolids and biogas which can be used for recreational grounds, wetlands and horticulture.


Sewage Management:

Although it may not sound overly classy, you have to acknowledge that a lot of our water is used in sewage, and thinking outside the box has led to sewage treatment turning this water into something compliant for discharge or reuse.


No matter if your site is in a remote location, school, construction project, caravan park or emergency relief, portable sewerage management plants will sort your water out in no time.


Greywater & recycled water treatment management:

Greywater is simply ‘waste’ water that has come from a laundry or bathroom. As kitchen wastewater contains more greases, oils and detergents, it has to be treated further before it can be utilised again.

Similar to sewage management, the treatment system allows for contaminated water to be used again. This can turn wastewater, contaminated groundwater, and stormwater runoff into a substance that is suitable enough for discharging or reusing.

There are plenty of ordinary uses for greywater, including watering the garden and managing entire household wastewater sources. Investing in a diversion system is the cheaper option, diverting the wastewater to irrigate your property. If you pay a bit more, a treatment system will allow you to safely reuse the water again around the house.


Groundwater management:

Groundwater is found underground, usually accumulated by rain that has infiltrated the soil. In Perth, the Gnangara groundwater supplies up to half of our scheme water. Although a great way to access water, these underground reserves can quickly empty if not managed correctly. 



De-watering is the removal of groundwater from a construction site. Using a pump system, this task is easily managed to ensure the construction job is delivered with little hassle. 

This task is heavily aimed at water-bearing soils, such as sand and gravel, which can hinder excavation with the accumulation of water. The water is pumped from the excavation site to a surrounding area, where it is either dispersed or reused.

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