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Blocked Drains

Why do blocked drains occur? The top 5 reasons why blockages occur are:

1. Cooking fat, grease, oils and food scraps are being washed down the kitchen sink

2. Tree roots are entering into your drains

3. Foreign objects or too much toilet paper are being flushed down the toilet

4. Your septic tanks are full of solids or your leach drains are full and the liquid cannot leach away (area is saturated)

5. The drain is broken or damaged.

Ballantyne Plumbing Gas & Electrical can unblock your drains using an electric drain machine, hand rods or, in very clogged up pipes and drains, we can use a Jetter machine. If your septic tanks are full, we can send our own tanker truck around to remove the waste from your septics and/or full leach drains. If your drains are continually blocking up, then please let us know, or refer to our Drain Camera tab.


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