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Alluvion Building – 58 Mounts Bay Road

Perth’s water has levels of iron in the supply, when pumped oxygen is mixed which then becomes iron oxide or “rust” sludge in the pump chambers. This sludge clogs the pipe work valves and supply tanks in the medium / long term.

The de-scale of the potable water pumping system in the building removes the iron oxide build up in the pump chambers that limit the life and efficiency of the pump and delivery pressure / volume of the water supply to the building. This process prolongs the life of the pump and reduces costly break down repairs long term.

This project slideshow reveals the before and after works to de-scale variable speed pressure system pump sets on site. This service will prolong the life of the customers valuable pumping equipment.

Baileys Marine Fuels Project Onslow

On this project Ballantyne’s have designed and installed all the electrical and communication controls for the new fuel system for Baileys Marine Fuels in Onslow.

This project included:

  • The initial design of the system to the clients requirements.
  • Modification of the system for added safety features as required by Chevron for Barrow Island.
  • Then the manufacture and sourcing of the components
  • The installation on site at Beadon Creek Wharf.

Baileys Marine Fuels are a major supplier of fuels to the marine industry, Australia wide. We have previously completed projects in Mandurah, Bunbury, Broome and Circular Quay in Sydney.

Biological and Physical Science Laboratories Upgrade, Murdoch University

This is our latest completed project at Murdoch University’s Biological and Physical Science Laboratories on the Murdoch Campus. This project shows particular attention to detail as well as quality workmanship second to none on a commercial project.

The project was delivered on time and on budget to the clients requirements. Our work at Murdoch University shows our on-going commitment to our clients and our pursuit of quality trade work.



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