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Commercial & Industrial Thermal Imaging


Thanks to advances in technology, it’s easier to predict and find a variety of faults before they even happen. Thermographic imaging services use infrared and thermal energy to find out-of-the-normal heat signatures in walls, preventing unforeseen delays and costs.

Commercial & industrial Thermal imaging has taken on many uses in recent years, as a result ranging from finding pests and electrical faults to healthcare and firefighting. With its uses expanding, it is becoming more common to utilise its benefits in everyday life.

As it currently stands, most current commercial properties require a thermographic inspection to ensure that all plumbing and electrical works are up to working standard.


Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical faults are prevented by locating areas which are in danger of overheating, but also find looser connections and devices which are beginning to fail.

Being able to detect electrical faults sooner rather than later allows for you to plan repairs and maintenance without it being a surprise disruption and inconvenience to your schedule.

This also makes things a whole lot safer, as potentially lethal electrical faults can be predicted and avoided.


Protect Electrical Infrastructure & Maintenance

Thermal imaging allows for pinpoint accuracy when assessing a problem, saving time, money and providing a much safer working environment. It can detect many issues, of which include: electrical switchgear; pipelining and wear points; motor bearings and housings; and mechanical service switchboards.


Plumbers to Detect Leaks Through Walls and Pipes

Being able to see the pipeworks through the walls means that potential leaks and burst pipes are easily located. This makes it a lot easier to search in tight or dangerous spaces.


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