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One of the essential elements in our modern life is electricity. In commercial properties, the electrical security services and installations are more sophisticated and complex and need to be handled by experienced professionals. We provide great service with our team of experienced electricians, so should your power go out, you will be able to access backup support to maintain, certify and get your power back on.
We are aware of recent regulations in the electrical field and believe they have been enforced to better protect everyone, including clients and electricians alike. Ballantyne’s has a variety of certified electricians to provide an array of electrical services such as:

  • Integrated power distribution on commercial sites for multiple users, which is ideal for our industrial and commercial clients.
  • Installation of outlets and lights. Whether you require additional PowerPoints or added lighting in your home, Ballantyne Plumbing will be able to assist. Alongside the installation itself, we will also advise you on any new products in the market, such as new types of lighting, that could help reduce future electrical costs.
  • Solar power design and installation. Choosing to use sustainable solar power to help reduce your electrical costs is a great idea, and Ballantyne All Commercial Services would be happy to help. We can expertly design your solar power to uniquely meet your needs, and using the highest quality materials, we will install panels that are durable and suited to you.
  • Converting conventional lights to more efficient LED lighting.
  • Upgrading and renovating office layouts. Working with an electrician during your office renovation will ensure your electrical wiring will be concealed, replaced and updated. This can involve adding additional power sockets, as well as changing the lighting and potentially automating it


  • Thermal scanning, a common requirement for insurance. It involves scanning boards to detect hot-spots that may need remedying.
  • Electrical main board maintenance and circuit balancing, which involves safely re-wiring boards due to problems identified through thermal scanning or power outages.
  • Fire board certifications, which show that the installation and performance of the installed fire systems comply with Australian codes, standards and approved designs.
  • Circuit testing and fault finding, which allows the problems in the complex wiring set-up to be identified.
  • Temporary powerGoing without power can be very bothersome and may even halt the progress of a job. Ballantyne Plumbing can assist by providing temporary power for when mains power is scheduled to be turned off and the way in which we achieve this depends on your needs and situation. We can either install a temporary supply with above standard power requirements, or a temporary overhead supply.
  • Automation is a key part of the modern world, and we are equipped to handle the complexity of controllers and instrumentation, as well as the underlying pump equipment

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