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Electrical Wiring

At the heart of any home is the house’s electrical wiring. While wiring is generally incredibly durable and long lasting, there are some instances where it must be repaired or replaced.


Replacement Wiring

Did you know that installing at least 2 x Residual Current Devices (RCDs) at your house main switchboard will detect any fault in your wiring and electrical appliances? And if you do need rewiring done in your home due to a fault, renovations, upgrades or safety concerns, Ballantyne Plumbing, Gas and Electrical has competent Licensed Electricians that are the experts in house rewires and general electrical wiring. If your house is an older house, especially those more than 25 years old, your home may require RCD fitting and rewiring due to the wires becoming old and dangerous. If you are starting to renovate, you may require a Licensed Electrician to rewire parts or most of the home.

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