One of the essential elements in our modern life is electricity. In commercial properties the electrical installations are more sophisticated and complex and need to be handled by experienced professionals. Ballantynes can provide great service with our team of experienced electricians, so should your power go out, you will be able to access backup support to maintain, certify and get your power back on.
We are aware of recent regulations in the electrical field and believe they have been enforced to better protect everyone, including clients and electricians alike. Ballantyne’s has a variety of certified electricians to provide an array of electrical services such as:

Fire Pump Maintenance

Local municipal water systems are not always able to provide adequate pressure to meet the hydraulic demands of fire hydrants, sprinklers and hose reel systems. In this case, fire pumps are required to provide the high-pressure water flow. Typically, pumps are needed within high-rise and other tall buildings, as well as systems that require a large volume of water to flow, such as storage warehouses. If fire systems are supplied from water storage tanks, pumps are also required.
Fire pumps require regular servicing, inspections and maintenance. Should an event occur when they are required and faulty, your fire protection measures are likely to be affected and your premises may not be fully equipped to respond to them.

Fire Hydrant Servicing and Testing

Routine hydrant and booster system servicing, testing and installation are key to ensuring that your fire hydrant system will work in the event of an emergency. All fire hydrants require testing at 6 and 12 monthly intervals, alongside overhaul every 5 years. Servicing is a legal requirement under Australian law – and if neglected, you may be subject to fines.
Fire hydrant servicing and testing involves a number of things, including:

  • Checking that access to your fire hydrant is unhindered,
  • Ensuring that all signage is relevant and easy to read,
  • Checking for leaks and cracks,
  • Checking isolation valves and ensuring they can be easily turned off if required.

For servicing, testing and installation that you can trust, choose Ballantyne All Commercial Services. 

Hydrant Flow Testing

Alongside routine hydrant and booster system servicing, hydrant flow testing must also be conducted. As per Australian rules and regulations, testing must be conducted annually and involves firstly performing a static test, then a flow check which records the flow and flow pressure to ensure all minimum standards and design requirements are being met. From there, a written report explaining all findings is provided. Alongside the written report, the date and type of service are recorded and updated for you, making it clear when your next service will be required.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Servicing

Under Australian building codes, it is a mandatory requirement for fire extinguishers to be provided within buildings. The Australian Standard 1851 requires all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers to be serviced every 6 months, and pressure testing and refills to be undertaken at least once every 5 years. This is due to the important role fire extinguishers play in controlling and extinguishing fires. Without proper maintenance, they will not be able to handle the heat. All businesses have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment and to protect their employees, and this strongly plays into it.

In Australia, there are a variety of fire extinguishers, with fuels specific to six different flames: combustible metals; flammable liquids; flammable gases; flammable metals; electrically energised equipment; and kitchen fires, such as cooking oils and fats. No matter which type of fuel a fire extinguisher has, they all require regular servicing under law – although their testing is specific to their type of fuel. It is also possible for an extinguisher to be effective on more than one type of flame. For example, one extinguisher may be used to put out flammable liquids, gases and metals. Alongside this, fire extinguishers are also marked with a number that represents their performance. 

Ballantyne All Commercial Services is able to let you know when your extinguisher is due to be serviced. Our technicians have extensive experience and knowledge with regards to fire safety and Australian rules and regulations and will guarantee the upkeep of your equipment so that in the event of a fire, you will be able to adequately respond.

Experienced & Reliable Fire Protection Services in Perth

For all your plumbing, electrical and gas needs, Ballantyne All Commercial Services Perth are here to help. Our service technicians are knowledgeable, efficient and committed to resolving the problem with as minimum downtime as possible. Since our establishment in 1980, we have been offering a reliable and cost-effective service that can be accessed 24/7 – because emergencies can happen at any time.

Alongside our ongoing commitment to safety, training and development within our business – we are committed to providing high-quality trade skills that will meet your high expectations. If you are searching for an expert in the field, Ballantyne All Commercial Services Perth is an ideal choice. We look forward to meeting the needs of your next project.

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