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Stormwater Management Perth


Australia is a country of beauty, but unfortunately, with that beauty comes a high chance of natural disasters; one being unexpected stormy weather. Knowing how to combat its adverse effects and being prepared sets you miles above any other site, meaning you are going to be much safer and less susceptible to damage.

When the wild weather comes, you want to have prepared your property with adequate stormwater drainage to get you through the day.

As most urban environments have impermeable ground, without proper drainage and management areas become highly susceptible to floodings.


Why is stormwater management necessary?

Managing your stormwater helps you know not only is your site better protected, but you’re also doing your bit for the environment. Most storm runoff will pick up a wide range of pollutants, ranging from oils to heavy metals and excess nutrients which will adversely affect the environment if not managed well.

Well-designed stormwater management will reduce any risk of damage to the site drastically, eliminating any unnecessary troubles later down the track.


Soak wells:

Soak wells take the rainwater, whether from the roof or impermeable ground, transporting into an underground tank/soak well. The water is then dispersed into the surrounding underground soil.

This is the most common use of stormwater management within Perth and is effective at ensuring the runoff is dispersed adequately.


Stormwater pump station:

Stormwater pump stations are similar to soak wells, however, instead of waiting for gravity to pump out the excess water, when the level rises it triggers the pump to clear it out to the designated discharge area.

The beauty of this is that the water won’t pool around the area, providing a hazard for pedestrians and cars. This method works best in carparks, workshops and commercial/industrial areas, but is great for most situations.


How we can help:

At Ballantyne, we can help you prepare and make the most of the stormwater that hits your site, no matter where you are. Reducing your site’s potential to flood, making use of clean rainwater and improving sustainability are just a few things that solid stormwater management can provide.

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