Ballantyne - Offering local Fire Protection Services.

We take pride in be able to offer comprehensive fire protection services, prioritising the safety of our community. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the reliability and functionality of fire safety systems.

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Fire Protection Servicing

Fire Protection Services - helping you keep safe from Fire!

We specialise in Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Servicing, conducting thorough assessments and maintenance to guarantee that extinguishers are fully operational when needed.

Hydrant Flow Testing is another crucial aspect of our services, ensuring the efficiency of water supply during emergencies. Our team also excels in Fire Pump Maintenance, ensuring that the critical equipment responsible for water distribution remains in optimal condition. Fire Hydrant Servicing and Testing are conducted with precision to verify the proper functioning of hydrants, crucial components in firefighting efforts.

With a commitment to excellence, our fire protection services are designed to provide peace of mind, knowing that essential fire safety measures are in place and regularly maintained.

fire protection services
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